Running order

Here it is, the final running order of Northern Discomfort 2017!

Friday (Doors open at 16.00)


18.30 Confusion Master
20.30 Guevnna
22.30 Horse Latitudes
00.30 Come To Grief


17.30 Ockultist
19.30 Shakhtyor
21.30 Ghost Of Wem
23.30 Iron Witch
01.30 Demon Head

Saturday (Doors open at 15.00)


17.30 Lewd Flesh
19.30 Barabbas
21.30 Alaric
23.30 Cult Of Occult
01.30 Toner Low


16.30 Sunken
18.30 Goli Deca
20.30 Grim Van Doom
00.30 Pinkish Black

As you may have noticed, Morast is nowhere to be found. Unfortunately they have had to cancel their appearance, but Macedonians Goli Deca are stepping in. Go to the Line-up section for info and link.

And for those of you who can’t get enough, we have the More Than Discomfort afterparty, sunday the 30th of April at Lygtens Kro . The running order is as follows:

20.00 Emortuo
21.00 Cacus
22.00 Offerstigen
23.00 Sado Zora

So go to Billetto and get your hands on a ticket!

Poster + Regn cancellation

The poster is here! Take a look at this beauty:

nd_2017_a3 poster

Thanks a million to the wonderful people at HLG and Ajka for creating this!

In less awesome news, our Norwegian friends in Regn have had to cancel their appearance on ND17. Thankfully, Sado Zora from Macedonia were nice enough to fill that spot. Check out their brutally slow demo here.

If you want to help out promoting, throw us an e-mail and we can send you some posters and flyers. Otherwise, you can always help by sharing the facebook event.

Another way to support is, of course, to go to Billetto and get your ticket!

Final line-up update

These five bands will complete the line-up of Northern Discomfort 2017. See the Line-up page for the full list of bands, and as always, remember to head over to Billetto for you ticket to the madness!

Alaric (us)

Hailing from Oakland, CA, Alaric will mellow things out a bit – but only musically. The atmosphere of this deathrock/post-punk outfit is as gloomy and dark as the heaviest sludge.


Come To Grief (us)

Risen out of the ashes of legendary sludge outfit Grief (and named after their ’94 album), Come To Grief will perform old Grief material as well as their own new songs, all of it equally terrifying.


Ghost Of Wem (de)

Crushing, gutwrenching sludge with clear black metal influences.


Ockultist (se)

Stockholm sludge/doom trio playing a harsher brand of Electric Wizard-inspired fuzz.


Pinkish Black (us)

Incorporating styles ranging from industrial to post punk to gothic to doom metal, this texan duo is an absolute must see.


Even more bands!

The second to last announcement before the final line-up is revealed. Don’t forget to get your ticket at Billetto.

Cacus (dk)

Hard-hitting sludge with hints of hardcore and Weedeater.


Emortuo (dk)

Funereal – but not quite funeral doom – with lots of effects and truly tortured vocals.

Morast (de)

This new doom project smells a lot like death, with a sound drawing from old school death metal as well as heavy sludge and a hint of black metal.


Offerstigen (se)

Droney, black metal infused funeral doom.


More bands!

Another update is ready!

Grim Van Doom (de)

A hardcore influenced melting pot of all things heavy.



This year’s positive feature, MDME SPKR will bring heavy riffs wrapped in a punk rock vibe.


Demon Head (dk)

The local retro rockers will crack open the sky above Ungdomshuset with their thunderous old-school doom.


Another batch of cool bands

We are very excited to announce these next six bands that will bring us up around the halfway mark of the line-up. Don’t forget to head over to Billetto for your ticket!

Lewd Flesh (dk)

Finally back after a long-ish hiatus, these locals will serve up stoner doom with a touch of psychedelica.


Confusion Master (de)

In their own words: “Electric sabbath action doom.” That really says it better than we ever could.


Cult Of Occult (f)

Imagine having your soul destroyed very, very slowly. This is not happy music.


Regn (no)

“Two guys with too much gear playing as loud as possible”


Guevnna (j)

All the way from Tokyo, Guevnna are returning to Copenhagen with the recent release of their first full length of their own brand of crushing sludge.


Shakhtyor (de)

Our last announcement of today is a german three-piece playing a
unique brand of instrumental, atmospheric doom.


More Bands!

Today we have another two bands for you. Check them out and head over to Billetto for your ticket!

Horse Latitudes (sf)

With just bass, bass, synth and drums, Horse Latitudes are bound to bring one of the heaviest shows on the festival. Get ready to be droned!


Sunken (dk)

Stepping a bit out of our comfortzone, we bring you upcoming danish black metallers Sunken. Equal parts atmosphere and pummeling, be sure not to miss this.


Stay tuned for more announcements soon!

First announcements!


Finally we are ready with the first announcement for Northern Discomfort 2017. We have three great bands for you today, so be sure to check them out:

Iron Witch (uk)

Hailing from Liverpool, these Brits will bring with them their first
full length ‘A Harrowed Dawn’ which will showcase some of the very
bleakest sludge/doom out there today.


Toner Low (nl)

Slow, heavy tunes about weed is the order of the day when the dutch
masters of everything stoned once again visits Copenhagen.


Barabbas (f)

Classic stoner/doom in the vein of St. Vitus, but with a little more
heft, with lyrics shouted in french.


Today is also the day we open the gates for the ticket sale, so be sure to head over to Billetto and get yours!

With a single-day ticket at 125 DKk (17€) and a two-day ticket at 200 DKk (27€) how could you say no?!

We will continue to announce regularly throughout December, so be sure to check in often!

Doom on!

We are back!

We are excited to be able announce some preliminary details of the 2017 edition of Northern Discomfort. First, the dates will be April 28th-29th, again in Ungdomshuset. We have been working hard all summer and have a lot of amazing bands ready. We will start announcing around the beginning of December, so stay tuned!

Last update and afterparty

So, we’re only two days away. We are really excited to share this experience with all of you. We are selling a lot of tickets, so be sure to go to billetto to get yours. We still need some volunteers, so if you ask at the door, maybe we can find something for you to do, so you can enjoy the festival for free. In other news, we can announce the official Northern Discomfort afterparty:

More Than Discomfort will take place at Lygtens Kro, sunday may 8th at 20.00. Entrance will be free, and you can experience the distateful noise from locals Taphos, Nether and Dreich. It will be a blast.

Be sure to get some rest now, before the weekend. See you all on friday!